Material Preparation for the Coming Chastisement


  1. Introduction
  2. Food List
  3. Supply List
  4. Holy Oil and Holy Water
  5. Miraculous Sustaining Grapes
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I. Introduction

II. The Food List

    Meat and Fish Products



    Milk Products



    Sugar Products

    Strained Food Products

    Optional Food

III. Supply List

    Water and General Products

    Bathroom Necessities


IV. Holy Oil and Holy Water

    Our Lady's instructions in order to extend ANY Holy Oil or the Holy Water from St. Josephs Spring at Nowra:

    1. Obtain a quantity of pure oil (or water).
    2. Light a candle
    3. Say the Apostles Creed, one Our Father & Glory Be & 3 Hail Mary's
    4. Add 3 drops of Oil (or Water) to the bulk whilst praying.

    Use of the Oil

    Sources of Holy Oil and Holy Water

    1. St. Joseph's Spring Holy Water is from the Sacred Grounds in Nowra, Australia. Our Blessed Mother said the Spring was to be named in honor of St. Joseph. The water looks like it comes out of solid rock. The more people who are on the Sacred Grounds, the more water the spring gives off. The fewer the people, the less water is given off. One should use this water as any Holy Water, for blessing, to drink, use in foods and one should put it in one's water supply to prevent freezing. Remember all blessing from Holy Waters and Oils depend upon our Faith in them.
    2. The Three Kings Holy Water comes from Cologne, Germany, where the relics of the Three Kings are preserved. use as any Holy Water. Heaven wills that we honor, venerate and invoke the Three Kings all throughout the year. We should not forget these Saints after the Christmas Season.
    3. Fatima Holy Water comes from Our Lady's Shrine in Fatima. It must be used in Faith.
    4. Charbel Oil comes from the tomb of St. Charbel. Heaven has appointed him as the Saint of Peace for these Latter Days. We are to pray to and honor St. Charbel. We are to bless ourselves and others with his oil. When the food supplies of the world are contaminated by radiation we are to put some of the St. Charbel Oil in our cooking and salad oils to purify the food. For all other foods we eat, we are to wash them in water that contains Holy Water, the food will then be purified. Remember again, we must have Faith.
    5. The Weeping Crucifix Oil of Geno Marti can be multiplied, but one must use Olive oil and Bless it in a Special Way as follows.
      1. Have a container of Olive Oil and make the Sign of the Cross over it THREE (3) times.
      2. Pray the "Our Father" prayer.
      3. Take your oil and make the Sign of the Cross in the new oil with FOUR (4) drops of Oil.
      4. Make the Sign of the Cross over the new oil and pray the Hail Mary".
      5. Repeat step Number 3 again.
      6. Make the Sign of the Cross over the new oil and then pray the "Glory Be".
      7. Repeat step Number 3 again.
      8. Remember to ask Our Lord to Bless this oil. You many now share it with your friends.

V. Miraculous Sustaining Grapes

May God Bless You and May Your Faith be the cause of the Blessing being fully used as Heaven wills.

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